I came to Forex more than 6 years ago with same here pages, as this.
I began with the dealing center LiteForex. I came on a site, I read and I decided to try. I downloaded and installed the trade Meta Trader 4 terminal, I opened the demonstration account for $100000 and I started trading.
The Forex market is the international currency market. He received the name from reduction of the English name of operations of a currency exchange: FOReign EXchange. In spite of the fact that the market Forex is more than the young market against other institutes of the financial relations and exists only since the beginning of the 70th years of the XX-th century *, it is the most capacious on volume and most dynamically an emerging market. Every day in the market Forex is made transactions for total amount of about 4 trillion US dollars that, for example, in 30 times more the total volume of all stock markets in the USA of together taken.
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It is a little about itself.
What is the Forex
USDJPY was my first currency pair, I opened at once the warrant on 10 lots. In half an hour I earned $2000 and..... everything, I got! I opened the real tsentovy account, I scraped up on WebMoney $10 (I then tried to earn on the Internet by other ways) I enlisted into the account.... and safely everything merged.
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For what DС hold competitions.
What is the competition of traders?
This free event held by the broker within which, there is a competition among private traders on the best trade in the market Forex.
Involuntarily there is a question: "And why in general such competitions are held? " After all not to give someone a prize? ! Actually anything disinterested here isn't present, and competitions of traders are held not without ulterior motive. On it is available the whole two reasons:

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For quite some time now I had a desire to help beginning traders with this shoreless sea of Forex. I decided to make a site on which could lay out information on competitions on Forex. I am not a professional a design web, and therefore you don't judge strictly that turned out - that turned out. But if you read it, I hope that information I could inform to you. Information on a site is updated every week on Friday that you could be registered on competitions beginning on Monday. If it is not difficult, write your responses and wishes to me on email - utyf52@mail.ru or on a page facebook - http://www.facebook.com/gennadiy.karpov
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Balance Point

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FX Multimap

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Chandelier Stop

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«Parabolic SAR»

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Trend Reversal

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Build Your Own Trend

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